• To read about the DISD grading policy, follow this link: https://www.dentonisd.org/Page/99575
    Semester Average
    • Each semester of a class counts as .5 credit.
    • If the semester average for the class is less than 70, you will not receive credit for that semester, and you will have to repeat that semester.
    • Semester Averages are calculated as follows:
                   Average of both Quarters= 80% of the Semester Average
                   Semester Exam= 20% of the Semester Average
                   QTR 1 = 81
                   QTR 2= 92
                   Semester Exam= 75
                   173/2= 86.5
                   Quarter Average 86.5 X .80 = 69.2 Semester Test 75 X .20= 15
                   69.5 +15= Semester Average 85 
    Grade Point Average 
    • A student's grade point average (GPA) is calculated on each semester of their 16 foundation courses in the core subjects of English, mathematics, science, social studies and world language.
    • Each semester stands alone for a total of 32 semester courses to be averaged.
    • No courses taken before the start of the freshman year count toward a student's GPA.
    • Students who start math or world language at the middle school must take ADDITIONAL courses at the high school level to avoid the negative consequence of a zero being calculated in the GPA.
    • Courses taken at the middle school count toward the student's graduation credits, but do NOT count on their GPA.
    • Grades are calculated on a 4.0 scale with an additional point for honors, Pre-AP, AP, or dual credit college courses.



    Grade Points Awarded: 

    Semester Average   Regular Course   Pre-AP/AP/Dual Credit 

    A 90 - 100                   4                           5 

    B 80 - 89                     3                           4 

    C 70 - 79                    2                           3 

    F Below 70                 0                           0