• Earning Credits
    • You must obtain your counselor's approval before attempting to earn a credit outside of the normal class setting.
    • There are limits to the number of courses that can be taken through alternate means. See the course catalog for details.
    • There is a cost associated with each option. No financial aid is available 
    Credit by Exam 
    • Credit by Exam (CBE) is offered through Texas Tech or UT.
    • CBEs can be used for recovery (You have taken and failed a course.) or acceleration (You have not taken the course before.)
    • A grade of 80 or higher on the exam is necessary to earn the credit for either recovery or acceleration.
    • Your grade on the exam will serve as your semester grade and will be calculated in the GPA.
    • No STAAR subjects can be taken for acceleration. 
    • Contact your counselor for a registration form. 
    Many CBEs require work to be completed before the exam.
    See this website for more information on Texas Tech Exams: https://enroll.ttuisd.ttu.edu/catalog/Heading.asp?heading_id=223
    See this website for more information on UT Exams: http://www.utexas.edu/ce/k16/cbe-ea/study-guides/9-12/
    Correspondence Courses
    Correspondence Courses may be taken through Texas Tech online for either acceleration (you have never taken the course before) or retrieval (you have taken and failed the course previously.) 
    • You must get your counselor's approval before signing up for a course
    • Cost is $225 per semester, plus you will have to buy your textbooks.
    • You have six months from the date of enrollment in which to complete the class.
    • If you need the class for graduation, you should plan to complete it no later than the end of April to ensure that you graduate on time.
    This website lists the courses available: