•  Braswell School Code: 440018
    SAT and ACT Tests
    • SAT and ACT are used to determine college admission and scholarship awards
    • Students should take their first test before the end of the Junior Year 
    • Colleges do not prefer one brand over the other
    • Taking the test multiple times can only help, not hurt, a student 
    Please note: If you are on free or reduced lunch, you may pick up a fee waiver for either the SAT or the ACT in the Counseling Office.
    Test Prep:
    • Khan Academy for SAT: https://www.khanacademy.org/test-prep/sat
    • Prep Academy: http://www.prepfactory.com/
    • Buy a Prep book from a Bookstore
    • Use resources on the SAT and ACT sites 
    TSI Tests
    • The Texas Success Inititave (TSI) test is a test that assesses college readiness.
    • It is required by the college before course registration.
    • Check with your college to see if they require this test from you.
    • Make arrangements with your chosen college to take the test if necessary.  
    • You may be able to take the test at the UNT Gateway Center if your college is not within driving distance. PH. 940-369-7617