• The Military
    Service in the military can provide an opportunity for those who wish to serve their country and get a college education as well. Two such options include Service Academies and college ROTC program.
    In the Counseling Office, you can find a number of resources relating to the various branches of the military. Additionally, recruiters are frequently on campus, and you should feel free to approach them with questions if you are considering this option. You can also check the websites below.
    Service Academies
    Admission to a U.S. service academy is a two-tiered process.
    1. Apply for admission and meet the high entry standards set by
        the academy.
    2. Obtain a nomination from an official source.
    Applicaton Process:
    The student must meet the admission requirements of the particular academy. See the website below to research those requirements.
    U.S. Military Academy (Army): www.usma.edu
    U.S. Air Force Academy: www.usafa.edu
    U.S. Naval Academy: www.usna.edu
    U.S. Merchant Marine Academy: www.usmma.edu
    U.S. Coast Guard Academy: www.uscga.edu
    Nomination Process:
    There are two nomination categories:
    1. Congressional nominations, including the nomination of members
        of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, as well as the
        Vice President.
    2. Service-connected or military-affiliated nominations.
    Each member of Congress is permitted to nominate up to 10 outstanding individuals from his/her district or state for each academy. Competition for these nominations is high; therefore, interested students should pursue nominations from all sources available to them and for all academies in which they have a sincere interest.
    Apply for nomination in the spring of your junior year (applications are available beginning April 1.
    1. Send a letter of interest in order to receive a nomination packet.
         U.S. Congressman Michael C. Burgess
         1660 South Stemmons Fwy, Suite 230, Lewisville, TX, 75067
         Senator applications are available online:
         Senator Cruz: http://www.cruz.senate.gov/
         Senator Cornyn: http://cornyn.senate.gov
    2. Make sure you have taken the SAT or ACT in the spring of
        your junior year. You will not be considered for nomination
        without these test scores.
    3. You will need letters of recommendation (none from family
        members). Start collecting these in your junior year.