Backing up Computer Files 2015

    In preparation for the end of the year as a precautionary measure, we are requiring that you back up all your data you wish to retain for use the next year. 
    It is YOUR responsibility to back-up all data on your computer. Therefore, we have provided instructions that will assist you in backing up you own files, folders, e-mail, etc.
    • We recommend that you back all your computer files up to your Google Drive as you will have access to them from any location that you have an internet connection. You also have unlimited drive space in Google Drive. If you prefer you can still back up to CD, DVD, or an external drive. NOTE: If you leave Denton ISD you will no longer have access to your DISD Google Drive
    If you have never logged into Google Drive Click this link: Google Drive 
      • Log in using your DISD Google accountusername@g.dentonisd.org
      • Use your DISD Network password (if you are unable to log in please submit a Heat ticket requesting to have your Google password reset
                                                            Goggle Drive
    TIP: Google Drive is designed to work using Google Chrome. If you prefer you can also go the Software Center and install Google Driveon your main computer. If you install the drive you will see it under your favorites when you click on your Computer icon on your desktop. This drive will only show up on the computer that you install it on however, all files that you put into this folder will also show up when you log into Google Drive using the Chrome web browser. 
    • Once you are logged into your DISD Google account you will click on My Drive then click the NEW button 
                                        New Button

    • Select Folder

    • Name your folder DISD_Backup2015

    • Click Create

    • Click on My Drive (if you do not see the folder you created try logging out of Google Drive and log back in.)

    • Double click on the Backup folder you created

    • Click the NEW button and select one of the following options depending on what you want to do: 
      • Create a new Folder
      • File upload
      • Folder upload

    • TIP: You can also click a file and drag a file or folder into the Google drive folder. If you try to drag a large folder with multiple folders into your backup folder it may error out and not copy over to Google Drive. You may have to create several folders and move smaller amounts at a time. (If you are wanting to move all the items in your H drive over to Google Drive COPY them overfirst. Once you verify that everything copied over you can then delete the times out of your H drive)

      If you do experience issues copying over folders try:
      • Select NEW and select Folder
      • Name the Folder
      • Click Create
      • Double click the NEW folder you created to open it
      • Go back to your computer and locate the folder you are trying to copy
      • Click Shift+A to select all the files in the folder you want to copy (If you want to select some of the files hold down the Ctrl Key and click once on each file you want to copy)
      • Drag all the files to the new folder you created in your Google Drive
      • You will see a pop up window with information at the top as to how many items are uploading
      • If there is a problem with the upload you will see an error message and know to go back and break up the folder into a smaller amount.