Placement and Use of Counseling Interns in Denton ISD

  • Please note:  Because of the volume of requests for internships and practicums, Denton ISD Counseling and Social Work Department's first obligation will be to place individuals who are in university based, traditional programs leading directly to internship for the following semester.  The Denton ISD Counseling and Social Work Department will make a concerted effort to place observers/interns from alternative certificate programs or online programs based on the campus availability, but such placements are not guaranteed. Placements are not made for summer school.

    A "counseling intern" is defined as any university student who is completing counseling or social work activities for university classes and university credit.  These activities include, but are not limited to: co-facilitation of groups, practicum activities, play therapists not participating in a research project, and internships.
    Counseling interns will be placed when it does not interfere with the routine operations of Denton ISD campus counselors and/or Denton ISD social workers. In order to adhere to ethical guidelines related to dual relationships, current Denton ISD employees who wish to complete counseling or social work internships must complete the hours on a campus other than their assigned work campus.  Because Denton ISD does not provide paid internships, current Denton ISD employees who are completing counseling internships must schedule internship activities at times which do not interfere with their regular, assigned duties.
    Approval must be secured from the Denton ISD Counseling and Social Work Department, the Denton ISD Human Resource Department, the campus counselor and the campus administrator before the intern is able to work on a campus.  Prospective interns are not to contact campus counselors or campus administrators directly.  The process for placement as a counseling or social intern is described below:
    1.  The prospective counseling intern and/or university supervisor will contact the Denton ISD Counseling and Social Work Department (CSWD) staff member coordinating internships with information requesting a counseling or social work internship.  Currently, Rebekah de Peo-Christner, Coordinator of Social and Emotional Learning, processes all counseling internships, practicums, and observations.  Barb Haflich, District Social Worker, processes all social work internships, practicums, and observations.
    2.  The prospective counseling or social work intern will contact the individual in the department processing internships to setup and complete an interview.  Use the email link above.  During the interview, it is important for the prospective intern to present all university requirements for completing the internship course, as it relates to the site.  
    3.  The CSWD will contact appropriate campus counselors and/or social workers to determine feasible placement options.  An interview with the campus counselor will be conducted.
    4.  The CSWD will contact the prospective intern to inform the intern if an internship is available.  Then, the prospective intern will complete the Denton ISD Human Resources requirements for interns.  A link will be provided to the student.
    5.  Confirmation of placement on a specific campus will be made by the CSWD when Human Resources notifies the CSWD that the prospective intern has met HR requirements. 
    6.  The prospective intern will be notified by Human Resources and/or CSWD when the internship, practicum, or observations may begin. 
    On-site supervision will be handled by the campus counselor assigned to the counseling intern.  The campus supervisor will determine campus priorities and work with the counseling intern to develop a schedule which benefits the needs of the campus and meets the needs of the intern.  The campus counselor and intern will communicate regularly about students served and the status of activities provided by the counseling intern.  If an intern serves two campuses, one campus counselor will be designated as the lead supervisor.  The on-site counselor will complete records required by the counseling intern for the university.
    Upon completion of the internship, the on-site supervisor and the counseling intern will complete short surveys to assist the district in on-going improvement of the counseling internship process within the district.