Officers 2016

  • French

          Our 2016-2017 Officers:

    • President: Abby Lewis
    • Vice President: Michaela Larry
    • Secretary: Ashley Wagner
    • Historian: Ivy Lin and Alexis Dean
    • Treasuer: Ali Chennaoui
    • Parlementarian: Jewel Peterson, Devon Garcia, and Shanee Dandridge
    • Cultural Advisor: Emilie Chance and Elliott Rougemont
    • Social Officer: Hannah Heyen

    Any student interested in filling the President or Vice President officer spots  must be an upperclassman (junior or senior) and must write a 1 paragraph speech in French introducing  and telling a few things about themselves and outline some goals that they have for French Club and why they feel qualified to  hold office position. All officers will need to declare their candidacy to  Madame Hensley.

    Officers will not be elected by popular vote but by merit determined by a panel of Guyer teachers.  A series of questions will be posed by the panel in a closed meeting with each candidate.

    Officers will be elected by the 3rd meeting. Any potential candidates should notify their intention to run to Madame Hensley by the end of the 2nd meeting.

    Elected officers will remain in office for the entirety of the school year unless they are in violation of any stated rules .

    If any elected officers are absent more than twice per semester to meetings (not including illness or UIL events and practices), reelections will occur after a mandatory meeting with the offending officer. If you are in athletics or attend regular practices for any other activities on Tuesdays, an officer position may not be a wise endeavor for you. Attendance of officers at every meeting is extremely important to maintain the smooth functioning of the club.



Last Modified on January 19, 2017