• Students are required to attend school 90% of the time. The following information is from the Student Code of Conduct. If you have further questions and how to make up the time you have missed, please see your Assistant Principal. 
    State law requires that a student be present 90% of the days a class meets in order to receive credit. In high school classes that are blocked and meet every other day, a student with more than 4 unverified absences in the fall semester or 5 unverified absences in the spring semester will lose credit in that class. Students in unblocked high school, or middle school and elementary school classes that meet every day, lose credit if they have more than 8 absences in the fall semester or 10 absences in the spring semester.
    Students shall have absences excused for religious holy days including traveling for that purpose, and temporary absences resulting from health care professionals if the student returns to classes the same day of the appointment. If students satisfactorily complete make-up work for these types of excused absences, the day shall be counted as a day of compulsory attendance. Teachers and administrators will determine whether or not other temporary absences are excused. (TEC 25.087) These temporary absences may not be counted as days of compulsory attendance, but may be considered as extenuating circumstances by attendance committees when determining award of class credit in cases of less than 90 percent attendance.
    If any parent of a child required to attend school fails to require the student to attend as required by law, a warning letter will be mailed after three (3) unexcused absences. If the student does not immediately return to compulsory school attendance, the school attendance officer will file a complaint against the parent and/or student in a county court, justice of the peace court, or municipal court after the fourth (4th) voluntary unexcused absence in a four week period or tenth (10th) voluntary unexcused absence in a six month period (TEC 25.093 and Section 51.03(b)(2) of the Family Code). Since the law addresses absences for “all or part” of a school day, chronic tardies may be referred to the appropriate authorities as unexcused absences. Fines for thwarting compulsory school attendance and failure to attend school may be as high as $500 per absence. For information and/or assistance with attendance concerns contact the Campus Attendance Officer.