Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why are Braswell's students being asked to bring a device to school?
      Braswell High School is embracing technology and the opportunities it provides to create a digital learning environment. Many students already have their own devices readily available 24/7 and feel comfortable and confident in how to use them. BYOD allows students to have learning available anytime and anywhere.

    2. Are students required to bring a device to school?
      Students are not required to bring a device to school, but we do invite and encourage students to bring one if available.

    3. If my student does not have a device, do you recommend any specific device?
      We recommend the student use whatever is already available. However, if you are looking to purchase a device, a Chromebook would be a great option. It is less expensive than many other devices currently available and will work well with Google Drive and the apps that will be a part of Braswell's classrooms.

    4. Will all textbooks be online?
      Not all textbooks will be digital. Braswell High School does not have lockers, and less big books to carry around is a win-win for students. We will have more info available on textbooks in early August.

    5. How will my student know when it is appropriate to use their device in the classroom?
      Teachers will communicate with the students at the beginning of the class period whether it is a "Red Day"; meaning devices are to be off during class, a "Yellow Day"; meaning students need to ask first to use their devices, or if it is a "Green Day"; meaning devices are to be out as an active part of classroom learning. Devices always need to be in Sleep or Do Not Disturb mode to eliminate distractions within the classroom. Signage such as this will help teachers communicate the expectation for BYOD use each period.
    6. BYOD

    7. Are charging stations available at Braswell?
      E-Juice Bars (charging stations) are located in the halls and available for student use before and after school.