• CIP Legalese 
    Campus Improvement Plan BQ (Legal)
    Each school year, the principal of each school campus, with the assistance of the campus-level committee, shall develop, review, and revise the campus improvement plan.  The purpose of the campus-level plan is to improve student performance for all student populations, including students in special education programs under Education Code Chapter 29, Subchapter A, with respect to the student achievement indicators and any other appropriate performance measures for special needs populations.  Education Code 11.253(c). Each campus improvement plan must:
    • Assess the academic achievement for each student in the school using the achievement indicator system.
    • Set the campus performance objectives based on the achievement indicator system, including objectives for special needs populations, including students in special education pro-grams under Education Code Chapter 29, Subchapter A.
    • Identify how the campus goals will be met for each student.
    • Determine the resources needed to implement the plan.
    • Identify staff needed to implement the plan.
    • Set time lines for reaching the goals.
    • Measure progress toward the performance objectives periodically to ensure that the plan is resulting in academic improvement.
    • Provide for a program to encourage parental involvement at the campus.
    • Include goals and methods for violence prevention and intervention on campus.
    • If the campus is an elementary, middle, or junior high school, set goals and objectives for the coordinated health program at the campus based on:
      • Student fitness assessment data, including any data from research-based assessments such as the school health index assessment and planning tool created by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention;
      • Student academic performance data;
      • Student attendance rates;
      • The percentage of students who are educationally disadvantaged;
      • The use and success of any method to ensure that students participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity; and
      • Any other indicator recommended by the local school health advisory council. Education Code 11.253(d)
    Campus Improvement Plan BQB (Legal)
    Each school year, the campus-level committee shall assist the campus principal with the development, review, and revision of the campus improvement plan.  
    Education Code 11.253(c) [See CAMPUS-LEVEL PLAN at BQ (LEGAL)]

    Campus performance objectives BQB (Local)
    Each principal shall be responsible for the development of campus performance objectives.  These objectives shall be formulated annually in accordance with a schedule established by the District, shall support the District’s educational goals and objectives, and shall be specific to the academic achievement of students served by the campus.  The Board shall review and approve campus performance objectives.

    Staff development BQB (Legal)
    The campus-level committee must approve the portions of the campus plan addressing campus staff development needs.  Education Code 11.253(e)

    Dropout prevention BQB (Legal)
    A campus-level committee for a junior, middle, or high school cam-pus shall analyze information related to dropout prevention, including:
    • The results of the audit of dropout records;
    • Campus information related to graduation rates, dropout rates, high school equivalency certificate rates, and the percentage of students who remain in high school more than four years after entering grade 9;
    • The number of students who enter a high school equivalency certificate program and:
      • Do not complete the program;
      • Complete the program but do not take the high school equivalency examination; or
      • Complete the program and take the high school equivalency examination but do not obtain a high school equivalency certificate;
    • For students enrolled in grades 9 and 10, information related to academic credit hours earned, retention rates, and placements in disciplinary alternative education programs and expulsions under Chapter 37; and
    • The results of an evaluation of each school-based dropout prevention program in the District.
    • A campus-level committee shall use the information in developing the campus improvement plan. Education Code 11.255

    Parental involvement plan BQ (Local)
    The Board shall ensure that the District and campus improvement plans, as applicable, address all elements required by federal law for receipt of Title I, Part A funds, including elements pertaining to parental involvement.  The District-level and campus-level commit-tees shall involve parents in the development of such plans and in the process for campus review and improvement of student academic achievement and campus performance.  [See EHBD]