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    These state-required screenings will be performed during the school year.  Any problems or concerns identified during these screenings will be reported to the parent/guardian and will be referred to a professional for further evaluation.
    Vision Screenings & Hearing Screenings:   7th grade
    Acanthosis Nigricans:  7th grade
    Acanthosis Nigricans is a skin condition that signals high insulin levels in the body.  It appears as a light brown or black, velvety, rough or thickened lesion on the surface of the skin.  It can be found on the neck, armpits, and over the knuckles.  Children who have the Acanthosis Nigricans marker on their skin may be at-risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes.
    Spinal Screenings:  7th grade girls and 8th grade boys
Last Modified on November 26, 2018