• 5th grade camp is a great time for students to learn, but an even better time to practice, implementing traits such as responsibility, kindness, respect, and readiness to learn.  


    If your child is not comfortable spending the night away from home for a few days, now is time to plan how to help him/her be successful during our stay at camp.  If he/she has already spent the night away from home and conquered that task, then it will hopefully be a "piece of cake" while they are gone to camp.  If they don't already know that they can be successful in this task, then it will be harder for them.  Good news is that camp is quite a few weeks out, giving you ample opportunity to help your child make this adjustment. 


    There are many kinds of plants and trees at camp in addition to us being near the water.  I urge you to speak with your healthcare provider to make sure that your child's allergies/asthma is under control prior to camp.  If they feel winded just walking from the car to the building, they will most likely have difficulty breathing in the different environment at camp, unless some changes are made.  If your child develops wheezing every time they run in the backyard, chances are they, too, will have trouble  breathing at camp.  If your child sneezes constantly and develops a runny nose and watery eyes when they walk down the street, they might have some allergy problems at camp.  Please address these issues so that your child can feel successful and enjoy their time at camp.


    Please see the forms below:

     The letter "Information on Medications" - all parents should read to help be informed about how medication administration works at camp.

      The "Camp Medication Administration Request form" needs to be completed if you wish for your child to have medicine administered to them from the nurse while at camp. If you are a chaperone at camp and will be administering medications to your own child, I would like to request that you please go ahead and complete and turn in the form and mark on the form that you are a chaperone.  I ask you to do this in the event that something were to happen to you while at camp, the administration of medicines to your child would be seamless. 

    If you do not wish to send medicine for your child for camp, you do not need to complete or return the "Camp Medication Administration Request Form".

     A "Medical Report and Permission Form" needs to be completed on each student attending camp, whether their parent is a chaperone or not. 


    Please do not assume that if I have medicine in the clinic for your child that I will send it to camp.  You need to let me know on the Medication Administration Request form that you would like me to send Medicines X, Y, and Z to camp for your child.  


    I know this may be a lot to wrap your head around, so if you have any questions or just want to clear something up, please contact me and let me know!

    Susan Williams, RN
    940 369 4105


Last Modified on March 22, 2018