•  Microsoft One Drive 

    Microsoft 365 One Drive is cloud-based storage for user documents, folders, music, etc. These documents are private until you share them. You can view these files from devices such as mobile phones, tablets, or computers that have a Wi-Fi or internet connection by logging into your 365 account. Microsoft One Drive functions similarly to Google Drive. You can access your Microsoft One Drive through the Start Menu app, File Explorer, Microsoft Office 365, or your H drive mapping.
    One Drive: Windows 10 
    App Method
    • Click on the flag in the bottom left-hand corner


    • This will expand the Start Menu (your menu may look slightly different) 

            start menu

    • Look for the One Drive for Business icon

            LgCloud  large icon     smallcloud  small icon

    • Click on the icon. You will be prompted to sync your data. Click Sync. This may take approximately 1-2 minutes. Once this sync has completed, you can click on the icon and your One Drive / H drive folder will open.

    **If the One Drive for Business icon is not in the start menu**

    • Click on the flag in the bottom left-hand corner
    • Click All Apps to expand the list of software 


    • Scroll down until you see One Drive for Business (at this point you can right-click and pin to the Start menu or Taskbar) 

    File Explorer Method

    • The other method of locating your One Drive is through the File Explorer icon which should be in your taskbar


    • Click to open. You will see your OneDrive folder under Quick access

            File Explorer  

    One Drive: Office 365 
    • Open a web browser - (There are multiple ways to access your 365 account from the web)

              https://sso.dentonisd.org/ - click on the Office 365 icon



              https://www.dentonisd.org/ - Click on Staff, Click on Office 365 Email
    • Log into your Microsoft Office 365 account using your network credentials
    • Click on the app launcher in the top left window to expand your Office Suite


    • Click on One Drive

    **You can access your Microsoft Office 365 account from any computer that has internet access