• Parkour Terminology

    Parkour - a method of physical and mental conditioning involving the negotiation of obstacles in one’s environment through running, jumping, rolling, vaulting, and climbing; though it is used as an umbrella term for most similar movement based arts, parkour in the strictest sense focuses on rigorous conditioning and self-improvement for the purpose of being able to respond to emergency situations

    Art du Déplacement - similar to parkour, but with less emphasis on raw technique and more emphasis on visually pleasing flow, or continuous movement; ADD, as it’s known in the parkour world, is typically done in groups, with the mindset that one should develop their own movement as much as they can, and then help others; it is the “unorthodox” version of parkour, but to most, there is no difference

    Freerunning - originally the “American" word for parkour, freerunning has now come to refer to the specific training method of replacing “efficiency of movement for flair and aesthetics” (parkourpedia.com); freerunners are the ones who you see do incredible flips, tricks, etc.; what separates freerunning from acrobatics and single street stunts is that, like other movement arts, freerunning has a philosophy behind it; a freerunner must find their own path, and develop their own movement, in a way that they feel comfortable; freerunning is about exploring your own potential, and pushing the limits; it is also different in that it incorporates and is sometimes blended with movements taken from parkour and ADD

    This website will help you understand further, as well as give you some history about parkour and movement based arts: