• Denton ISD SSO Applications

    Many of Denton ISD applications can be found on the SSO Portal. The purpose of the SSO Portal is to allow single sign-in pass through authentication when possible. Applications that contain critical information require an additional sign-in due to the presence of sensitive data. Some of the applications on the SSO portal are textbooks, some are URL's and some are common staff applications. 

    Most of the textbooks on the SSO Portal are rostered. Rostering is a means of uploading data automatically from our Student Information System to the textbook vendor. The data then syncs with our SSO Portal. This process can take up to 48 hours.
    The table below is a list of these applications and any relevant information pertaining to that application???????????? 
    Lock   Protected Application: Requires an additional sign-in due to the presence of sensitive data.
    Star   Internal Applications: Single sign-in only works in DISD network; will otherwise prompt for sign-in.
    One time  One-time Setup Application: Single sign-in after initial credentials are entered.
     Application   Primary user(s): Rostered (y/n) Vendor Support Contact  
     ABCya    Elementary Staff & Students n    
     Achieve3000   Staff & Students in specific classes at specific schools, mostly Middle schools y (877) 235-2525  
     Aesop  Lock   Staff n    
     All in Learning   Staff    
     Bedford Freeman  Worth  (bfw)    High School Staff & Students y  
     Benchmark Education   Borman, Evers, Hodge,  PecanCreek, Rayzor, Ryan y (877) 236-2465  
     Big Ideas Math   Students y (877) 552-7766  
     BrainPop   CMS Staff & Students n    
     Canvas  Star   Staff & Students y    
     Classworks    Staff & Students    
     Compass Learning   Middle School Staff & Students y (800) 678-1412  
     ConnectED (McGraw  Hill)   Staff & Students y (800) 437-3715  
     Destiny Discover  eBooks   Staff & Students y    
     DiscoveryEd   Staff & Students    
     Edmodo  OneTime   Students    
     EDpuzzle   Staff & Students    
     Eduphoria  Lock   Staff    
     Employee Access  Center  Lock   Staff    
     Fitness Gram  Lock   PE Teacher of Record y (800)416-5139  
     Flocabulary   CMS Staff & Students    
     FreshGrade   EPRayzor, PecanCreek Staff &  Students y    
     Gmail    Staff & Students    
     Google Classroom   Staff & Students    
     HAC   Staff & Students    
     Houghton Mifflin     (800) 323-9239  
     iKeepBookmarks   Houston, Nelson, Wilson, WSRyan    
     Istation    3rd-5th grade K-2: Adkins, Blanton, CrossOaks, Ginnings, EPRayzor, Paloma  y (866) 883-7323  
     Kahoot   Staff & Students    
     Lexia Reading Core   EPRayzor Staff & Students    
     MiLogs  Lock   Staff n    
     My HRW   Staff & Students y (800) 323-9239  
     National Geographic   8th grade Staff & Students y    
     Naviance  Lock   Middle and High Schools    
     Office 365  Lock   Staff & Students    
     Pearson   Staff & Students y (800) 234.5832  
     Quizlet   Staff & Students    
     Read 180   Lock   Students    
     Reading Counts  One Time  Lock   Students    
     rSkills Test   Students n    
     Safe Schools  Lock   Staff    
     SAM  Lock   Staff Only y    
     SpringBoard   Staff & Students (877) 999-7723  
     SRI  OneTime  Lock   Students Only y    
     Starfall   Elem Staff & Students    
     STEM Scopes  Lock   Elem Staff & Students y (800) 531-0864  
     Studies Weekly   PecanCreek 5th Grade Staff &  Studnets y    
     Success Ed  Lock   Staff    
     TAC    Staff    
     Think Through Math  (TTM)   Staff & 3rd - 12th Students y (866) 357-8664  
     ThinkCentral   Elementary Staff & Students y (800) 323-9239  
     Typing.com   1st - 8th Grade Staff & Students    
     Verso  OneTime   Staff & Students    
     VSOM  Lock   SRO's, Principals n