• Raider Expectations


    What we expect from you:


    1.     To get an education.

    2.     To give your total effort, to make the most of what your ability.

    3.     To give unselfish love and respect toward your teammates.

    4.     To practice to the best of your ability.

    5.     To be totally honest in all your dealings.

    6.     To be extremely proud of your school, administration, teachers, coaches, teammates, friends, and most importantly, yourself.

    7.     To be prompt.

    8.     To be courteous.

    9.     To display traits of good self-esteem.

    10. To be emotional and enthusiastic.



    What you can expect from your coaches:


    1.     To be loyal and honest to you in all areas of accomplishment and failure.

    2.     To teach you that problems are a constant part of life and attack them as challenges.

    3.     To provide the leadership and training necessary to set and achieve goals.

    4.     To work you harder than you have ever worked before.

    5.     To assist you in any way possible now and after you graduate.

    6.     To treat you as an adult and to love and respect you.

    7.     To make all decisions predicated on what is best for the team, and then what is best for the individuals.

    8.     To give you discipline and teach you how to develop self-discipline.

    9.     To teach you to exhibit poise in difficult situations.

    10. To separate the performance from the performer.