Parent and Spectator Information
    Get tournament updates via the Ryan Raider Golf twitter account!  We know it is difficult to take off from work to follow your son/daughter during their tournaments.  The coaches will give you updates through the @RyanRaiderGolf twitter account during the course of play.  Simply create an account, find us at @RyanRaiderGolf, click "follow."  Check in from time to time to get updates during tournaments.  
    If you are lucky enough to get away from work to come watch, please remember these few guidelines:
    1.  Stay on the cart path (or roughly 30 yards distance from players)
    2.  Cheer for the players, but don't give advice of any kind
    3.  No equipment, drinks, food, medicine, etc. may be given to a player - give items to the coach
    The Raider Golf Program has been blessed to have wonderful volunteers over the years.  A few of these volunteers have put together a Ryan Raider Golf Shutterfly web site for posting pictures from all tournaments.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Shutterfly account to see these pictures, please go to http://ryanhighschoolgolf.shutterfly.com/.  Once you ask to be a member of the group, a site administrator will give you access to all pictures from this season, as well as the past couple years.  From there, you can order prints, create collages, order books, or simply enjoy seeing your son/daughter playing!
    Please check out the following web site:  http://highschoolgolfscoreboard/schools/denton-ryan.  The above site is the official Texas High School Golf ranking web site.  It ranks each school, as well as each individual.  Please consider becoming a member of the site if your son/daughter is a current player.  Major collegiate golf programs are now using this as a recruiting tool.  
    Speaking of recruiting!  Please consider joining the TJGT or NTPGA for junior golf tournaments.  Both programs give young golfers more tournament experience throughout the year.  If your son/daughter has dreams of playing college golf, then it is a must!  They need the extra tournament experience.  Several TJGT members have received scholarships based on their tournament results.  Contact Coach Crossland for more information.