• Getting your kiddos groomed, dressed, and out the door on time can be super hectic! Here are a few friendly tips to avoid calls from the office!


    1. Know when and when not to send your student to school with an illness. Guidelines may be found here.

    2. Send an extra change of clothes- regardless of your child's age, accidents happen.
    3. Check your e-mail frequently. Non-emergent communication is done primarily via e-mail. 
    4. Save the front office (972-347-7200) and the nurse's office (972-347-7205) phone numbers in your phone. This will help you to quickly recognize and respond to a call from the school.
    5. Please review the medication administration policies and turn in all applicable documents as soon as possible. The medication permission slip may be found here.  
Last Modified on March 28, 2017