• Denton ISD YouTube Policy

    Denton ISD restricts YouTube access for any users on the district’s network that are not signed in with their district Google account. If a student or staff member is not signed in to their district Google account, they will see the screen below when trying to access a video that YouTube deems restricted.
                                                                             Restricted Video

    Additionally, students, when signed in to their district Google accounts may also access any videos that have been pre-approved by district staff members. This process is called whitelisting.

    Staff members have unrestricted YouTube access to preview and approve any videos that may be beneficial for student learning. If a teacher finds a video that has been erroneously blocked by YouTube’s strict restriction filters, they may make that video available for students.

    Therefore, students are only able to see videos that have passed YouTube’s restricted mode filter and/or that have been approved by a staff member.