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    Librarian Applicant Inbox Activity


    Welcome to the Denton ISD Interview Activity

    Please schedule a time to complete this at your convenience.  It is due in one week from the interview:  __________________.


    You are asked to complete two things:

    1. A 30-minute lesson you could teach in the library which

      1. Advances your library program and

      2. Meets the curriculum need of the teacher.

    2. And a resource package for teachers that can be used to enhance and support the chosen curriculum content.



    You have been invited to the 5th-grade planning meeting where teachers will be discussing the curriculum for the next week.  

    You want to come prepared to share how you can help them meet their curricular needs while still incorporating the information/digital literacy skills you need to teach.   The meeting will focus on curriculum for the 5th Six weeks.


    Fifth Grade Scope and Sequence overview for the week. (Choose one for activity below).

      • ELAR/Expository Text - Synthesize and make logical connections between ideas within a text and across two or three texts representing similar or different genres.  11(E) 

      • Science/Organisms and environments.  Observe the way organisms live and survive in their ecosystem by interacting with the living and non-living elements.  5.9 (A)

      • Social Studies/Westward Expansion.  Identify significant events and concepts associated with U. S. territorial expansion, including Louisiana Purchase, the expedition of Lewis and Clark, and Manifest Destiny 5.4 (D)



    1.  Please create an online product that can be shared with a link.  


    Your product should include:

    1. A brief description of a 30-minute lesson you would teach that would allow students to practice one of the following information/digital literacy skills while learning the curriculum content.

    ELAR Reading/ Research.  

    • Brainstorm, consult with others, decide upon a topic, and formulate open-ended questions to address the major research topic. 23 9A)

    • Generate a research plan for gathering relevant information about the major research question. 23 (B)

    • Follow the research plan to collect data from a range of print and electronic resources (e.g. reference texts, periodicals, web pages, online sources) and data from experts. 24(A)

    • Differentiate between primary and secondary sources 24 (B)

    • Record data, utilizing available technology (e.g. word processors) in order to see the relationships between ideas, and cover graphics /visual data (e.g. charts, diagrams, timelines) into written notes. 24(C) 

    • Identify the source of notes (e.g. author, title, page number) and record bibliographic information concerning those sources according to a standard format. 24(D)

    • Differentiate between paraphrasing and plagiarism and identify the importance of citing valid and reliable sources. 24(E)

    • Students are expected to: Refine a major research question, if necessary, guided by the answers to a secondary set of questions. (25(A)

    • Evaluate the relevance, validity, and reliability of sources for the research. (25 (B)

    • Complies information from multiple sources 26 (A)

    • Develops a topic sentence, summarizes findings, and uses evidence to support conclusions 26(B)

    • Presents the findings in a consistent format 26 (C) 

    • Uses quotations to support ideas and an appropriate form of documentation to acknowledge sources. (e.g. bibliography, works cited).  26 (D)

    2. A resource package for the teachers that can be used to enhance/support the chosen curriculum content:

    • 3-5 print books from a Denton ISD library (include author/illustrator and call number/owning school)

    • One Online Database or ebook from the Denton ISD Online Resources (include article/ebook title, citation, and name of the database).

    • Links to three online resources:

      • A website (age appropriate and updated within the last year).

      • An online document (ppt.pdf, doc, etc.)

      • An image/graphic (with Creative Commons license allowing reuse)

    3. When you have completed your product, submit the link via this form