• HEAT - Self Service

    Heat Self Service allows you to submit HEAT tickets. HEAT tickets are used for technology hardware and training needs. Heat Self Service automatically uses your login credentials, meaning the HEAT ticket will be created under the username of the person logged onto the computer. You must be on a DISD campus in order to submit a HEAT ticket. You can click this link to go to the HEAT Ticket web page: HEAT Ticket

                                      HEAT Sign In
    Type in your DISD Username and network password
                                       Report an Issue  
    To submit a HEAT ticket, click on the Report an Issue Button
    Notice that the ticket is already populated with your username and home camps. If you need to change the campus location, use the drop down beside the Located field and choose the campus you are having the issue at. The fields high-lighted in red are mandatory fields. If your issue does not require a service tag click the box for N/A
    Please add the Service Tag or the DISD Asset Tag (when possible) as this pulls in the specific device for the tech, This is mandatory on software requests. Some devices such as phones or projectors will not have a service tag. In those instances, check the N/A field as shown in the picture.
                                       N/A Box  
    Type a brief summary of the issue in the Subject box. Use the drop-down menu for Service and Category. Write a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing.
    If you need to add an attachment giving a screen shot or other information that might be useful to the technician, click Attach file. Locate the file on your computer that you want to submit. Click the open button.
                                                     Attach File  
    Once all information has been entered, click on the Submit Incident button located at the bottom of the page.
                                                                Submit Incident  
    You will get a pop up window letting you know your ticket was created successfully.
    You can select Return to My Items List to see all your submitted HEAT tickets or click View Created Item to see the ticket you just created.
    You will receive an email from the HEAT system letting you know that you have successfully submitted a Heat ticket.
    Once your HEAT ticket has been resolved, you will receive another email letting you know the ticket has been resolved. This email will have information regarding the resolution of the HEAT ticket that you will need to read. Please read this email to find out what was done to resolve your issue.
    Viewing Previous Ticket Submissions 
    To review previous ticket submissions, click on Issues
    The HEAT ticket number will be in blue. You will see a summary, the status of your ticket, the date it was created and when it was last modified.
                                 My Issues