Students lose credit for absences beyond the number allowed by the state.  According to the state guidelines, a student must attend class 90 percent of the time to receive credit in the course.  Excused and unexcused absences each count against the compulsory attendance and must be made up if your student goes over the allowable absences.  Doctor's notes or excuses still count in the number of absences for each class.

    Absences from class that will not count against the student include school sponsored activities/contests/field trips, observance of religious days and medical appointment during the course of the day. (Students must be in attendance at least a part of the day for medical appointments to not count against attendance.)

    Email dclark@dentonisd.org to check the total hours your child must serve to retrieve lost credit. (You must include your student's name, 2016-2017 grade, and ID number to check!)