• Parents/Guardians,

    By district policy, if your student exhibits the following signs and symptoms he/she will be excluded from school and you will be called and asked to pick up your student:

    • Fever of 100 or more
    • Persistent vomiting (two or more episodes, one episode is often not illness-related)
    • Diarrhea—two or more watery or loose stools, whether or not associated with fever
    • Skin rash—if rapidly spreading, purulent (pus), weeping, or associated with fever.
    • Red eyes—with purulent or crusty discharge and reddened conjunctiva (membrane that covers the white of the eye) that is not allergy-related.
    • Signs/symptoms of infection as determined by the school nurse.


    For your student's health and safety, should they become ill during the school day, they need to see the school nurse before calling a parent/guardian to come get them. Students are not permitted to call from a classroom or from their cell phones. The nurse can give you important information such as temperature, pulse, oxygen level, blood pressure, otoscopic exam, etc. 

    If your student is ill, the nurse (or office staff, when the nurse is unavailable) will call you and request that you pick your student up. Since students rest and recover more quickly at home, we request that you pick them up in a timely manner. The health room is small and our available space is limited.  


    The parent/guardian must come into the office with picture ID and sign the student out. If the parent can't be reached, students cannot be released to any other person unless they are listed as Emergency Contacts on file.


    If a student is sent home ill by the nurse their absence is covered for that day only. Parents will need to send a note for any subsequent days the first day the student returns to school. The note will need to include:

    • Student's full name
    • ID number
    • Dates the student was absent
    • Reason for the absence

    This note needs to be turned into the Attendance Office.

Last Modified on June 28, 2017