• Snapcodes - Reminders for Parents


    Parent Login: Please use the email address from last year to login into Power School Registration (Formerly Infosnap). If you cannot remember your password to Power School Registration choose “Forgot Password” for instructions to reset it. Helpful hint: Please use the same user name and password for all website/applications for DISD.

    Power School Registration parent support: 1-866-752-6850

    Returning Student

    • If your child will be attending a campus other than the campus listed on the snapcode please continue updating the information. Take the verification page along with your new proof of residency to the new zoned or approved transfer campus.


    • Residency options numbered 3-9- Please contact Barbara Haflich at 940-369-0599 for additional information.
    • CHANGE OF ADDRESS- Check mark the box under the students address, “Check here if you would like to change the above address” to submit a new address. A new Proof of Residency will be required at the enrolling campus before the address will approved for change.


    • Choose the preferred contact priority under each contact name. NOTE: Emergency contacts should always be listed after Parent/Guardian in the priority list.
    • Please note that by naming a contact as a Guardian that is not listed on the student’s birth certificate, you will be asked to complete a Non Parent form. This form gives this person the rights to enroll, withdrawal and act as a Guardian at the student’s campus.

    Compulsory Attendance

    • Note the highlighted bullets under the Compulsory Attendance tab from the Attendance Policies page; Absence reason, five or more consecutive days and excessive tardiness.

    Medical Information

    • Medical information is now stored year to year. It is imperative that you update ongoing medical concerns. Please indicate yes or no for any factors or medical conditions of which school officials should be aware.
    • Asthma inhalers and Epi-Pens can be carried with the student with a parent written permission and updated Rx label.

    Review and Submit

    • Review the updated information for your child. Once you are satisfied with the information choose Submit. Note that any area in RED must be corrected before the information can be submitted.

    Print the Verification Form and take it with you to the enrolling campus along with your current (within 30 days) proof of residency and updated immunizations if applicable.

    Bus application is completed during your child’s enrollment application by choosing YES, to the question; “Does this student need DISD transportation?”

    To apply for Free and Reduced Cost Lunch, please click here.