• What is HONOR GUARD?
    Honor Guard is the most spirited of spirit groups. For over twelve years, Honor Guard has provided a lively mix of entertainment and community service to Ryan High School and the Denton communities.
    In the fall, you can see Honor Guard as they dress in their traditional red shirts, Wrangler jeans, Stetson cowboy hats, and boots. They run the RAIDERS flag at the beginning and the second half of the football games, and they do pushups for every time we score a Ryan Raider touchdown. Honor Guard also hypes the crowd up with their tank shakers and their over the top personalities. Honor Guard also escort the Varsity Cheerleaders and Strutters to visit and interact with the visiting team's spirit groups.
    In the spring, Honor Guard is an integral part of the Strutters' Spring Show, providing between dance skits, a "human slide show", and we even do our own dance during the show.
    When we're not at the football games or performing at Spring Show, Honor Guard members can also be seen at pep rallies and supporting all other Raider athletic teams. Honor Guard members are highly involved individuals themselves, with some members involved in athletics, band, choir, and/or other extracurricular activities.
    Twice a school year, Honor Guard perform service activities for our faculty & staff. In the fall, they assist staff with getting ready for the start of school, and in the spring, they assist staff with putting things away for the summer.
    For more information about Honor Guard, please contact the sponsor, Mr. Daniel Jackson (djackson@dentonisd.org).
Last Modified on August 25, 2017