• Focus on learning 

    RMS students may use mobile learning devices in the classroom for educational purposes when the teacher deems appropriate.

    Use is strictly prohibited during passing periods to promote student safety and in bathrooms/dressing rooms for privacy purposes.

    • Always take responsibility for the use of your device

    Students who use mobile learning devices in any manner that disrupts the educational environment, from within or from outside the classroom, or violates the rights of others, including but not limited to using the device to cheat, disobey school conduct rules, harass or bully staff or students, or use for unlawful purposes will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including suspension, expulsion, and reporting the offense to the local authorities.

    Along with classroom use, devices are permitted during lunch and before/after school.

    It is not mandatory for students to bring their own mobile devices to school, but highly encouraged.

    Note: Denton ISD will not be held responsible if a device is lost, stolen, or misplaced, including those that have been confiscated. 

    • Never use personal WiFi connections

    Students who choose to bring their personal devices to school must log in and use the Denton ISD filtered wireless network during the school day.

    • Get permission first

    Students must comply with staff directives. When in use, mobile learning devices must be on silent mode so that no audible tone is heard.

    • Students will always conduct themselves responsibly online 

    The use of mobile learning devices during the school day is a privilege. Adherence to the guidelines is essential to maintaining the integrity of the classroom and an academic environment of excellence.

Classroom Use Video

Hallway Use Video