• Preparing for College Checklist

    • Create an Appropriate Email Address – Use the email address for all your college and scholarship communication.
    • Prepare a Personal Filing System for college information. You can use a crate with folders, an accordion file, or file folders, however it makes sense to you, but you must have some kind of system so applications, scholarships, financial aid, grades/transcripts, resume information, etc., are organized.  Update files at the end of each semester.
    • Begin/Update a Resume – Create a record of activities and/or community services projects, including recent accomplishments and awards.
    • Attend college fairs.
    • Research – Explore colleges (community, university, and trade) by using online resources along with friends and family to narrow your search. Cost, size, location, majors offered, admission options and student activities are just a few criteria to consider.
    • Make an Effort – to be involved in your community; join a club, do a service project, sign up for a committee at your church.
    • Test – Take the SAT or ACT. Write down your log in and password! (keep a personal file) Students on free/reduced lunch may get a fee waiver from the counseling office, be sure to bring your ID.
    • Visit College Campuses. Most schools have a webpage that outlines their tour times, on-campus events, and other visitations options. You have two college visits available as excused absences your junior and senior years.  You must get the form from the attendance office before you go.
    • Start your Scholarship Search – Start looking at websites to see what is available.
    • Look for people to write reference letters. Get to know your favorite teachers and other community members who might be willing to write a letter of recommendation for you.


    • Find a summer job that is related to your career interest.
    • Do volunteer work.
    • Talk to people in careers you find interesting.
    • Visit with friends and family that are home from college.
    • Narrow list of colleges to four or five and look at deadlines.
    • Start applying for scholarships
    • Remember! – Make a copy of everything you submit.


    Planning for College Websites








    College Criteria to Consider

    Affiliation – public, private (independent), private (church affiliated), proprietary

    Size or teacher/student ratio

    Community –rural, small town, suburban, urban

    Location – hometown, less than 3 hours from home, more than 3 hours from home

    Housing – dorm, off-campus apartment, home, facilities/services for students with disabilities

    Student body – all female, all male, Coed, Primarily one religious denomination, minority representation