• Completing Scholarship Applications

    Get organized!

    • Calendar of deadlines/follow-up dates
    • Make a checklist of each scholarship’s requirement
    • Create a file system
    • Create a resume
    • Gather or prepare commonly requested items - tax returns, financial aid applications, essay samples, letters of recommendation, and a good headshot

    Review the Application Package

    • Study the rules
    • Find out what the sponsor is looking for -- eligibility
    • Gather materials requested by the application

    Carefully Fill Out the Application

    • Be neat and use correct grammar
    • Make sure the application is complete
    • Put serious effort in your essay
    • Submit and wait

    How Do I Get a Scholarship?

    •   Take the SAT/ACT
    •   Apply to the school
    •   Sometimes there is a separate scholarship application
    •   Send transcripts and test scores
    •   Submit FASFA
    •   Get Accepted (scholarships may want proof)
    •   Apply for scholarships

    Stand Out!

    •   Academic achievement/rigorous course work
    •   Involvement
    •   Work
    •   Community Service
    •   These are important, but…The only thing that is truly unique about you is who you are! Know yourself and express it.

    Essay Writing Tips

    •   Choose a topic that will highlight you
    •   Keep your focus narrow and personal
    •   Show, Don’t tell
    •   Use your own voice
    •   Ask a teacher or parent to proofread

    Scholarship Searches:

    Financial Planning Searches:

    Scholarship 101

    •   Assured: guaranteed
    •   Competitive: other students are applying for the same scholarship
    •   Academic/Merit: related to academic performance but can also be artistic or athletic
    •   Community Service: participating in community service activities
    •   First in Family: if you’re the first in your family to go to college
    •   Legacy: you attend the college your parent attended
    •   Military: available to service members, veterans, and their families
    •   Prestigious: National level