• Braswell High School Young Republicans

    Constitution and Bylaws


    Article I

    The name of this organization shall be Braswell High School Republicans, herein and after referred to as BHSR

    Article II

    The purpose of this organization shall be:

    • To provide an avenue through which to actively discuss and debate the future of the republican party, policy issues, inner-party policy disputes, and social problems so as to create a stronger, more informed future voter.
    • To facilitate and encourage the fostering of active citizens who actively take part, and fulfill their future roles as citizens, by zealously participating in both local and national elections.
    • To provide an avenue through which to actively help the community via community service, especially that pertaining to the political process.
    • To provide an open forum for the discussion of political philosophy and policy as well as analyze and discuss current events in the political world.

    Article III

    Eligible and qualified members of this organization shall fit the following requirements:

    • Members shall be students, Freshman through Seniors, who are genuinely interested in the organization’s ideals
    • Members shall be required to uphold superior student conduct and maintain a good standing with school staff and administration
    • Members shall show interest in the political process and eagerness to participate actively in the political process
    • Members shall be required to pay the $20 fee to be an active participant of the program
    • Eligible and qualified officers of this organization shall fit the following requirements:
    • Officers shall adequately fit and maintain the expectations set for members of this organization
    • Officers shall be elected according to the procedures outlined in Article V

    Article IV

    The headship of this organization shall consist of four primary officers with various outlined responsibilities. These four leadership positions are Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. No person shall hold the same officer position for more than two terms.

    The offices of the organization shall be elected according to the guidelines established in Article V, and shall serve a term of a year until their successors are duly elected

    The responsibilities and duties of the elected officers shall be:

    The Chairman is the chief officer of the organization and has five primary responsibilities:

    • The Chairman, along with the Vice Chairman, shall conduct all meetings of the of the general organization and be responsible for structuring public meetings.
    • The Chairman has the responsibility of fulfilling the goals of the organization outlined in Article II to their fullest extent
    • The Chairman, should work to develop and maintain good working relationships with local party leaders, and other club chairman and elected Republicans
    • The Chairman shall actively work to maintain order and peace throughout the organization so as to insure the organization’s focus is maintained
    • The Chairman is responsible to bring issues to vote through the guidelines outlined in Article 5

    The Vice Chairman of the organization is the Chairman’s chief assistant and has three primary responsibilities:

    • The Vice Chairman shall be actively assisting in the duties outlined under the chairman’s responsibilities
    • The Vice Chairman, in light of the Chairman’s absence, shall be responsible for conducting the organization’s public meetings
    • The Vice Chairman shall actively participate in collaborating with the Chairman and their duties

    The Secretary is a chief adviser of the organization, and has three primary responsibilities:

    • The Secretary shall keep the records and proceedings of the organization by acting as a timekeeper logging all minutes of the clubs meetings
    • The Secretary shall keep a record of all the clubs activities including community service and other activities
    • The Secretary shall act as a chief advisory to all committees ensuring that their responsibilities are fulfilled adequately

    The Treasurer is the chief financial manager, and has four primary responsibilities:

    • The Treasurer shall be responsible for the managing the funds of the organization, and keeping records of recipients and expenditures.
    • The Treasurer shall be responsible for purchasing items needed by the club and insuring that the organization’s funds are managed properly
    • The Treasurer holds an immense responsibility and should be a responsible individual competent for such a task
    • The Treasurer should maintain transparency by being susceptible to records requests by the Financial/Fundraising Committee and at the annual meeting

    All officers are required to be active members of the organization. In doing so they are required to adhere to standards outlined in Article VIII, or risk impeachment.

    Article V

    Elections of officers shall take place in the spring of each year at the annual meeting.

    Elections shall proceed by the following guidelines:

    • Active members shall nominate themselves for a desired position.
    • In the event that their is one or more nominees for the same leadership position, each candidate will get the opportunity to stand before the organization and provide a 4min speech as to why they ought to serve in said position. Afterwards they shall be questioned by the Chairman who can choose to open up questions by general members.     
    • Elections shall be conducted through secret ballots, that shall be counted by the Membership/Nominating with exception to the clubs initial formation, in which case the sponsors shall count the ballots.
    • Elections shall be held when decisions of an officer or committee member is deemed appropriate by that officer to be brought before the members for vote.
    • Vice President is a secondary position awarded to the nominee for chairman with the second highest vote.

    Article VI

    The Standing Committees of the organizations shall be the Membership/Nominating Committee, Constitution/Bylaws Committee, Social/Program Committee, Publicity/Communication Committee, Fundraising/Financial Committee, Campaign/Election Committee, and Community Service Committee.

    The responsibilities of the Committees are as follows:

      The Membership/Nominating Committee shall act to-

    • Recruit new members and spread the message of the organization
    • Greet New Members and introduce them at meetings
    • Keep track of Potential Officer Nominations, and count as well as create ballots

      The Constitutional/By Laws Committee shall act to-

    • Handle any amendments requested by the procedure outlined in Article VII
    • Will be responsible to have fluent knowledge in the Constitution and By Laws if a dispute over them arises

      The Social/Program Committee shall act to-

    • Plan social nonpolitical monthly Programs and Activities
    • Responsible for finding, contacting , requesting, and thanking all speakers

      The Publicity/Communications Committee shall act to-

    • Be responsible for all external and internal communications
    • Remind members of upcoming activities and events
    • Maintain the BHRS social media pages

      The Fundraising/Financial Committee shall act to-

    • Create long and short term financial goals
    • Be a form of checks and balances to the treasurer by requesting finance reports when deemed necessary  either by the Committee or members
    • Raise and collect money to meet goals
    • Keep track of members who have not payed and insist upon the necessary funds

      The Campaign/Election Committee shall act to-

    • Keep track of all Local, State, and Federal GOP Races
    • Be the avenue through which candidates and campaigns can request volunteers

      The Community Service Committee shall act to-

    • Create and establish community related projects
    • A Community Liaison
    • Keep track and Take Advantage of Volunteer Opportunities

    Article VII

    The BHSR is an organization that recognizes the importance of having measures in place so that authority is not abused, and so that change can take place. The same principles our founding fathers have instituted such as impeachment and amendments to the constitution are those this organization upholds.

    The process for an impeachment of an elected official goes as follows:

    • The Membership/Nominating Committee must feel that an adequate number of members have approached them about an impeachment of an elected official to bring it before the organization for a vote. Members may do so by a formal meeting, or preferably a petition.
    • Before the voting shall take place, the disputed officer will have 4min to plead their case as to why they ought not be impeached. Afterwards the impeachment shall go to vote.
    • Once the Impeachment is verified by 2/3 of the members vote the impeachment is finalized and their position is open for a candidacy. In the event ⅔ of the organization does not vote to impeach, that official shall continue to fulfill their role.
    • In the event an elected official misses more than 4 successive public or officer meetings, that individual shall be automatically impeached. In this case an election shall be held for their position in which standard election procedure in Article V apply. The replacement shall serve the remainder of the term.

    The process for Constitution & By-Law Amendments go as follows:

    • Amendments to this Constitution & By-Laws ought to be handled by the Constitution/By-Law Committee. They shall bring up the proposed amendment and plead their case before the organization. Upon doing so, the amendment ought to be brought to vote.
    • The Constitution/By-Laws Committee shall bring before the members a draft of the proposed amendment and bring such an amendment decision to vote.
    • If a 2/3 majority of members pass the amendment it is incumbent upon the Constitution/By-Laws Committee to revise the Constitution and By-Laws according to the will of the people.   

    Article VIII

    Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised, shall govern all proceedings of the organization, except when inconsistent with the Constitution and By-Laws.

    Article IX

    The sponsor(s) of this organization reserve the right to overrule the will of the members if they see fit. In the event of an inner-officer dispute, the dispute is to be brought before the sponsor(s) which can choose to bring it to vote, or choose to settle the dispute if they see it fit.