• GoGuardian

    What is it?

    GoGuardian Teacher provides teachers with a portal to direct students' attention to specific online resources and close off-topic tabs on one or more devices. The goal of GoGuardian for Teachers is to help keep students on-task and away from inappropriate content.

    GoGuardian cannot be used to monitor students at home, using the teacher application. This is only possible inside the Denton ISD network.

    The GoGuardian extensions are automatically attached to a student or teacher's g.dentonisd.org account. When signed into the Chrome browser with this account, regardless of the device, student web traffic will be monitored if the student is on the DISD network.

    When signed into a Chrome browser with a district Google account (@g.dentonisd.org), student and staff web traffic will be filtered, regardless of whether or not they are on their home network. Browsing activity, however, is not reported to the district when done outside of the Denton ISD network. This is to ensure student and staff privacy when on their home networks is protected.

    How do I get it?

    There are 3 steps to getting GoGuardian enabled for your Denton ISD Google Account.

    1. Submit a Heat Ticket to get your account created for training.
      Click here to access the HEAT ticketing portal  < Login < Report an Issue

    2. You will need to complete the training.
      Click here to access the GoGuardian Teacher Training and log in with Google.

      GG Sign in with Google

    3. You will need to complete Denton ISD's form to have your access enabled.
      Click here to fill out the GoGuardian Teacher Training Completion Form


    Once the form is filled out the automation will take place for your access to be enabled. You will receive an email response from our Heat ticketing system when it is complete.