• Library Policies and Procedures

    1. The library will be open from 7:50-3:00 daily for students and 7:30-3:45 for teachers.
    2. Students will have an opportunity to select and check out books during a scheduled library time each week or independently throughout the day.  Teachers may limit their class’s choices (e.g. genre, theme, or a particular reading level) otherwise students are free to select from any of the available materials with the following restrictions:
      • Drawing, cartoon, graphic novels, and joke books: limit 1 (total)
      • Kindergarten students select one book per week.  The book must remain in the classroom.
      • 1st Grade selects one book per week until they show that they are ready for two. The book may be taken home.
      • 2nd selects two books per week. The book may be taken home.
      • 3rd-5th selects up to 3 books at a time (determined by student responsibility or teacher preference). These may be taken home.
    3. Students may visit the library at any time (with their teacher's permission) to exchange books.   
    4. We do not charge fines for overdue materials, but students will not be allowed to check out if they have long overdue books.  Students are responsible for the replacement cost of lost or damaged books. Payment will be refunded if a lost book is returned.
    5. Students can see what they have checked out by logging in to the library catalog.  
    6. If a student wishes to take home a book that someone else has checked out, he/she must bring it to the library so that we can check it out to him/her.  The person (faculty or student) who checks an item out is responsible for loss or damage to the item even if they have loaned it to someone else.
    7. Makerspace supplies and STEAM activities are available to students. Students may come to the library to use these items with their teacher's permission.
Last Modified on August 14, 2018