Mission, Vision and Values

  • Our School Mission:
    Empowering students to become innovative thinkers and lifelong learners through problem solving, perseverance, and creativity. 
    Our Vision: 
    We believe that in order to support our mission, we will collaborate as a Professional Learning Community to:
    • Increase student engagement through the integration of STEM in our everyday learning.
    • Foster a safe and welcoming school culture and climate.
    • Promote high standards by encouraging our students to reach their highest potential.
    • Engage in meaningful and ongoing professional development that will have a positive impact on student learning. 
    Our core values/beliefs:
    • RESPECT - We will value students' and staff's abilities, qualities, and achievements.
    • DIVERSITY/CULTURAL UNITY - We will unify our school's many cultures by modeling acceptance for all, embracing  traditions, and appreciating uniqueness.
    • ENCOURAGEMENT - We will be compassionate and approachable, and provide positive motivation for success.
    • PERSEVERANCE - We will motivate students to show grit, embrace productive struggle, and overcome obstacles while celebrating successes along the way.
    • INNOVATION - We will promote innovation and problem solving through our STEM initiative.
    • LIFE LONG LEARNERS - We will foster a community of intrinsically motivated citizens on the continual pursuit of knowledge.