• WEB stands for Where Everybody Belongs!

    We will be recruiting 7th graders this Spring to be 8th grade WEB Leaders.  WEB leaders will be mentors to incoming 6th graders, and will help run WEB Day on August 9, 2022 from 8-12

    WEB Day is when all incoming 6th graders come up to Harpool a couple days before school starts so they can see the school and get an introduction to how middle school works.  Our goal is to make all of our 6th graders feel like they all belong at Harpool Middle School! 

    So we hope to see all our incoming 6th graders at Harpool on Aug 9, 2022 from 8-12 for WEB Day!  Your WEB leaders can't wait to meet you!


    WEB Co-Sponsors: Laura Ritter (lritter@dentonisd.org) and Brandon Jones (jjones3@dentonisd.org)