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    Victor Matute, Jeanette, charcoal 24" x 18"

    1st place 2021 V.A.S.T. High School Art Competition


    The Art Department at Billy Ryan High School in Denton, Texas, offers a variety of media exploration and specialty classes.

    Art 1 is a class which provides an overall view of the elements and principles of design while exploring art history, art criticism, and aesthetics.  Colored pencils, markers, acrylic paint, watercolor, and ceramic clay are just a few of the mediums that Art 1 students will have the opportunity to work with.

    Once a student has successfully passed Art 1, the student may choose from specialty media classes: Drawing, Painting, Ceramics and Sculpture. Each class is a year in length and explores the media in a variety of subject matter.

    For the advanced students, AP Studio Art is offered which provides a year long class, preparing portfolios for submission to the College Board for college credit either in Drawing, 2-D Design or 3-D Design.

    colored pencil



    pen mixed media

     Art Faculty
    Todd Ford graduated from East Central University in Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Mr. Ford has been teaching at Ryan High School since 1997, and currently teaches Art 1, Painting 2/3, Pre AP Studio, and AP Studio Art.
    Aimee Foutch has a Bachelor's in Art Education degree from Texas Woman's University with an All-Level art certification. Mrs. Foutch has been teaching at Ryan High School since 2002.  She currently teaches Pre-AP Art I, Art I, and the drawing classes.  

    Brian Pierce graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. In the past, Mr. Pierce has worked as a freelance graphic design/ illustration artist. Mr. Pierce enjoys creating ceramic pieces on the pottery wheel, as well as handbuilt pieces. Mr. Pierce has taught Art 1, Sculpture, and Ceramics at RHS since 2004.
    Ariel Kemmerer


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