• Literary Magazine


                                                                         art by Isaiah Tucker, 2013-2014 Seeking the Muse cover

    What is Litmag?

    It's a combination of artwork, short stories, poems, photography, musical compositions and good ol' creativity.

    Anyone who's a student at Ryan High can submit!
    We love all genres of art in any form, just be school appropriate please.
    How do I submit?
    Just come by room 225 and give your work to Ms. Jessup.  Make sure you have a cover page with your name, grade, and English teacher.
    How do I join the Lit Mag staff?
    Come to our first meeting-- Date TBD.
    Lit Mag is online!
    Lit Mag exists in two forms: as a website which will be up and active all year round, and as a magazine which will be produced and distributed toward the end of the year.
    How does this work?  When you submit your piece, if it is selected, it will go up on the website.  Towards the end of the year, our crack editorial staff will select the best pieces from the website and compile them into the magazine. 
    What this means for Lit Mag: there will be more published entries than ever before, all throughout the year.
    What this means for you: more chances to submit and more opportunities to have your work seen!

    You can submit to:
    Ms. Jessup's room (225)

    FINAL DEADLINE TBD.  Check back for updates.
Last Modified on August 19, 2015