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     Rodriguez Middle School Counseling Services

    The mission of the Rodriguez Middle School counseling team is

    to provide a comprehensive program

    that seeks to develop academic achievement, social/emotional well-being, 

    and college and career readiness.  

    We will collaborate with students, faculty, parents and the community to maximize

    each student's potential. 


    Viper Core Values - Collaboration, Innovation, Integrity, Leadership, Responsibility



    Professional School Counselors

     Alpha A-L 

     Micheal Rooney 

    (972) 347-7015



     Alpha M-Z 

    Stephani Mohon, Lead Counselor 

    (972) 347-7013

    Student Assistance Counselor

     Jennifer Cheek, LPC

    (972) 347-7015

    Safe Schools Alert is a way for students and parents to report tips on issues such as

    bullying, intimidation, harassment, weapons, drugs, and other threats to the safety of students and staff.



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