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    School Sponsor: 

    Joe Curtis     jcurtis@dentonisd.org     972-347-7764


    Student Sponsors:


    Vice Chairman




    • To provide an avenue through which to actively discuss and debate the future of the Republican Party, policy issues, inner-party policy disputes, and social problems to create a stronger, more informed future voter.


    Goals of The Organization:

    • To facilitate and encourage the fostering of active citizens who actively take part and fulfill their future roles as citizens, by zealously participating in both local and national elections.
    • To provide an avenue through which to actively help the community via community service, especially that pertaining to the political process.
    • To provide an open forum for the discussion of political philosophy and policy as well as analyze and discuss current events in the political world.


    Meeting Information:

    Meetings will be held once a month in room A113