• The intent of the Bullying Coalition is to increase our community awareness of bullying which is a common, serious problem for our school-age children and the overall effects it has on all parties involved. The mission of our bullying coalition is to prevent and reduce bullying in our school. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where our students, staff and parents feel safe on campus, both academically and socially.

    The coalition will be comprised of various middle school students selected from grades 6th, 7th and 8th as well as a minimum of four staff/faculty members. These students will meet on a bi-weekly basis where they will discuss and create ideas on how to prevent and reduce bullying in our school community. We will host monthly activities relating to diversity, kindness, power, etc. There will be several school wide events as well as educational resources available for student, staff and parents.

    Regrettably, bullying does take place at Bettye Myers Middle School and we are determined to have our students recognize, respond and reduce these unwelcome encounters prior to having a situation spiral out of our control. We desire our students to feel safe at school, and give their parents the peace of mind that we take bullying and similar allegations seriously. This not only allows us to educate our community of the importance of preventing bullying, but it also allows young leaders to contribute positively to an on-going epidemic within our society.