• Mission

    Harpool Middle School will empower, inspire, and nurture all students to become problem solvers, achieve personal success, and contribute responsibly to our school, community, and world.



    To make Harpool Middle School a place where students and staff have high expectations for themselves and others while building relationships through exceptional learning experiences.



    We VALUE and NURTURE all students.

    We BELIEVE that every student is capable of learning and should be held accountable for his/her performance and citizenship.

    We CELEBRATE and SUPPORT student and faculty success.

    We LAUGH and SMILE everyday with our students and each other.

    We CONDUCT our business of education in a professional, ethical, and legal manner.

    We PROVIDE an inviting, supportive, and safe environment.

    We ENGAGE in a community environment that allows all stakeholders to work together on various aspects of the middle school experience.