• February Update

    Posted by Caleb Leath on 2/29/2020 1:00:00 AM

    Please see the images below. You can see the foundation work has begun!!!

    image 1 image 2 image 3

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  • January update

    Posted by Caleb Leath on 1/30/2020

    They are making great progress on preparing the foundational work for the new building. 

    Starting on January 27th, utility work will begin on the south side of the school along Emerson Lane. This work should last 3-4 weeks. This utility project will be restricted from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm and should not affect student arrival or dismissal. In order to keep our students safe, this area will be sectioned off to not allow students to enter.  Parking will also be limited along this section of Emerson Lane during this time.  Between 8:00 am to 2:30 pm the bus lane will be blocked; however, this section will be reopened during arrival time and dismissal time.

    Please see the image below to see where there will be no parking on Emerson Lane.  Thank you for your cooperation and please continue to follow all parking guidelines as recommended by the City of Denton. These procedures can be found by clicking City of Denton Parking Guideliness.


    Emerson Lane

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  • December updates part 2

    Posted by Caleb Leath on 12/18/2019 4:30:00 PM

    It has been a sentimental few weeks at Woodrow Wilson. The construction project requires us to remove several trees that have been planted on campus throughout the many years we have served our students and community. We know that these trees are sentimental and hold a special place to our community. We will be designating replacement trees for those that were planted by our students. We are excited to announce that upon completion of the project we will have a net increase of around 68 trees which will increase our canopy by over 16,000 square feet for a total canopy of around 57,000 square feet. The image below shows the site plan locations of where the new trees will be planted.



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  • December Updates

    Posted by Caleb Leath on 12/3/2019

    The past few weeks have been full of moving lots of dirt around in preparation for the foundation. 

    image 1

    image 2

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  • November Updates

    Posted by Caleb Leath on 11/6/2019

    It has been a very wet but exciting week at Woodrow Wilson Elementary.  

    They have broken ground and started moving dirt around in preparation for our New School!!!

    Image 1 Image 2

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  • October Updates

    Posted by Caleb Leath on 10/4/2019 6:10:00 AM

    Construction has started on building a fence on the west property line.

    Wall image 1 Wall image 3 Wall image 4

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  • Fall Updates

    Posted by Sarah Bynane on 8/30/2019 7:00:00 AM

    Thank you everyone for being patient with us during arrival and dismissal procedures. We are looking forward to our future parking lots and not having to use Emerson and Hanover to load vehicles. We are really excited about the new designs. Please see the images and descriptions below.

    This overhead view shows where the new parking lots will be. This will allow us to not have to use the main neighborhood streets to line up for dismissal:

    Campus Overview

    This image shows the collaborative space that will be in the 2nd-5th grade pods. This will be the common area in between the classrooms:

    Flexible Learning Area

    The images below show the front entrance and the library.

    Commons Area

    Students will enter through a large common space. 


    The new light filled library will be a place for reading and learning with more flexible seating arrangements. 


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  • Summer Updates 2019

    Posted by Caleb Leath on 7/24/2019

    Over the summer you may have noticed construction activity has started here at Woodrow Wilson. Denton ISD has started removing some of the equipment on the west side of the property as they begin the initial stages of prep work for the project.  The City of Denton has also been involved as they update utilities for our community as well as our campus.

    Parking Lot Playground 1 Playground 2

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  • April Update from STANTEC

    Posted by Denton ISD on 4/9/2019

    Wilson Elementary Schematic


    On Tuesday, April 9, 2019, STANTEC Architects presented a project update for Woodrow Wilson Elementary to the school board, which reflected feedback received from our Wilson community. These updates included an architectural screen wall positioned along the west property line. The anticipated time line for the Woodrow Wilson Elementary project is fall of 2019 through summer of 2021. The Board of Trustees approved the updates as presented and expressed their appreciation for the collaboration between our community, the District, and STANTEC.


    Wilson Elementary Schematic



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  • New Design Unveiled for Wilson Elementary School

    Posted by Denton ISD on 3/1/2019

    Wilson Elementary Schematic


    Following several meetings to gather input from district leadership and campus based teams which includes community members, plans are being finalized for a new version of Wilson Elementary School to open in August 2021. The current campus which was originally built in 1960, resides on land donated to the district by Nette Schultz, near a park that bears her name.


    The project, the first elementary school under construction that was approved by voters as part of the 2018 Capital Improvements Plan, will enter the final planning and permitting process moving forward.


    Designed by Stantec, the new campus will be a two-story building facing Hanover Drive on the west side of the land on which the school currently resides. Current students will continue to attend Wilson, as the new campus is constructed on the same property over a 24-month period.


    The interior will feature grade level pods, and each pod will have dedicated collaboration spaces that will capitalize on the use of natural light. There will be a convenient connection to the outdoors from every grade level pod, and the campus will run on 50 percent solar energy as well as feature comparable sustainable strategies.


    A new, winding drop-off and pick-up drive will relieve car-rider traffic from Windsor Drive, Hanover Drive and Emerson Lane. A third drive will be to the west of the proposed building and will serve as bus drop off for the two buses that serve the campus. Traffic control is a key component of maintaining the neighborhood feel for Wilson and having dedicated lanes for drop-off and pick-up will increase student safety.


    Included in the new design is a storm shelter large enough to accommodate the school’s enrollment as well as several innovative security features that will restrict the public’s access to student learning areas during the school day.


    A meadow will sit in the middle of those drives and include an outdoor playing field and a natural learning lab.


    The new building will have a maximum capacity of 800 students to serve the current enrollment of 630 students as well as accommodate growth in the neighborhood. 

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