• The social and emotional health of our children, adults & community is our focus. Please click here for counseling resources.

  • Hello, my name is Amy Lawrence and I’m the Director of Counseling and Social Work for Denton ISD.

    We recognize that this is a very difficult time for our families and our community. It’s hard to know how to reassure our children when, as parents, we don’t have the answers ourselves. What we do know is change in routine and uncertainty, especially when unexpected, can lead to a lot of worry and sometimes uncharacteristic behaviors. As parents it can be challenging to remain patient and find ways to help our children cope. Here are just a few strategies that we hope will help you and your children through this difficult time:

    • Be available to listen when your children are ready to talk
    • Acknowledge their worries
    • Limit exposure to the news
    • Stick to routines and schedules as much as possible
    • Encourage your children to express their feelings verbally or through a journal or some form of creative outlet like artwork
    • Try and have some physical activity each day
    • Finally, remember to breathe and encourage hope

    Denton ISD is a resilient community, and we come together in times of need. While we have no idea what the coming weeks and months will bring, we do know that the health, both physical and mental, and the safety of our children and families remains a priority for our community. You can find a variety of resources on the Denton ISD website for both children and adults. Remember, together, we are stronger.    

    Amy Lawrence

    Director of Counseling and Social Work
Together, we are stronger

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