Denton ISD 1:1 Chromebook Initiative

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  • Denton ISD 1:1 Chromebook Handbook
  • Overview

    In Denton ISD, our 1:1 program will continue our commitment to know every student by name and need. Having digital devices available to students 24/7 will support the design of lessons that meet the individual needs of learners both inside and outside the four walls of the traditional classroom. Technology is a foundational tool students will use to support the development of the attributes of the Denton ISD Profile of a Future-Ready Learner.


    Beginning Fall 2021, high school students will begin participation in the 1:1 initiative. The program will start with our incoming 9th graders allowing them to take a device home. Each subsequent year, the 9th grade class will be added to the existing program. Each student will be assigned a 11” convertible Chromebook laptop that also functions as a tablet and charger.


    Before your student will receive the device, the following needs to be completed:

    • Your student will need to take an online training where they will receive information on digital citizenship, device care, and responsible use of the device.
    • Pay the required, non-refundable annual insurance fee of $20 to cover accidental damage.
    • The guardian will need to consent by completing the "1:1 Guardian Acknowledgement Form" which can be found in the required student Canvas course entitled "Denton ISD 1:1 High School Student Course". 

    Devices at Home

    Chromebook use will be filtered and monitored both on and off campus using a district-owned filter and management software.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Additional information about the 1:1 program can be found in the 1:1 Handbook or within the questions below. If your question is not addressed below, you can also email ? for more information.


  • What will each student receive?

  • Will elementary and middle school students have access to Chromebooks to take home?

  • What is a Chromebook?

  • Why a Chromebook?

  • Can the Chromebooks be logged into with a non-Denton ISD Google account?

  • When will each student receive their device?

  • Will my student be allowed to bring their Chromebook home?

  • How will the student's device be identified?

  • Can the district inspect the Chromebook?

  • Can the device work without wi-fi?

BYOD Option

  • Can my student use their personal laptop and "opt out" of this initiative?

Student Expectations

  • How should students care for the Chromebook device?

  • How will students be prepared for the responsibility of having their own Chromebook?

  • What will happen if a student does not bring their device to school?

  • What if my student's Chromebook runs out of battery during the day?

  • How much student work will be online?

  • Will the device be turned in each year?

  • What are the consequences for inappropriate use of the Chromebook?

  • If a student withdraws from Denton ISD, how would they return their device and charger?

Lost or Stolen Devices

  • What happens if the device is stolen?

Device Repair

  • What happens if the device is not working or has technical issues?

Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship

  • How will this initiative impact the guardians of students with devices?

  • Can students load whatever extensions and applications they want on a District-issued Chromebook?

  • How can guardians help promote digital citizenship?

  • What will prevent students from accessing inappropriate sites?