What is Fred Moore High School?

  • Fred Moore High School

    Are you looking for a smaller learning environment?

    Do you like to work independently?

    Have you fallen behind and need to catch up?

    Fred Moore High School (FMHS) offers all of that and more. FMHS is Denton ISD’s high-school of choice. We offer the same high educational standards and graduate diploma options that are available at Denton ISD’s traditional high schools, but in a smaller, more supportive setting. At FMHS, our entire staff is focused on the needs, success, and wellbeing of each individual student.

    Our teachers are highly qualified in their fields of instruction and provide rigorous coursework with self-paced instruction. By focusing on the credits needed for advancement, you will progress steadily toward your goal of graduation. And when you graduate, you will be ready for the next step in life, whether it is a college or university diploma or your chosen career path.

    If you are motivated, have the ability to work independently, and would enjoy a smaller environment, we encourage you to apply. Click here to review our application guidelines.

    Here are some of the services we offer:

    • Early graduation. We offer two graduation ceremonies each year in the Fall and Spring. Commencement is held at The University of North Texas.
    • Recommended and distinguished diplomas. Fred Moore students receive the same high-school diplomas offered by the district’s traditional campuses that are accepted at all accredited colleges and universities.
    • Rigorous curriculum. Coursework is provided online, and each FMHS student is provided a device on which to work. Lessons are completed independently with teacher tutoring and support.
    • Accelerated pacing. Students are enrolled in the next course on their graduation plan as soon as they are ready, rather than at the end of the semester.
    • Mentoring program. In collaboration with UNT’s High School Career Connect Department, students are assigned a mentee who helps prepare them to navigate the world beyond high school.
    • College and Career Center. We provide test preparation (STAAR, ACT, SAT, TSI, ASVAB), resume writing assistance, and application support for jobs, colleges, and the FAFSA. We also offer a career fair with participation from businesses and universities.
    • Clubs and organizations. Our school provides a variety of clubs and leadership organizations that allow students to support their campus and community, foster friendships, and learn new skills.
    • Field trips. We offer outings that promote STEM enrichment, cultural awareness, and college and career readiness.
    • Leadership and Attendance incentives. We are a rewards-based campus that recognizes student achievements both inside and outside the classroom.
    • Scholarship opportunities. Our staff encourages and assists with scholarship opportunities and applications.