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    Please feel free to contact any of us for assistance.

    MMS Counseling Team

    Brian Adams
    Lead Counselor 
    7th Grade Academic Counselor
    Email:  badams@dentonisd.org     Webpage:  Brian Adams
     Mary Arndt
    8th Grade Academic Counselor
    Email:  marndt@dentonisd.org     WebPage:  Mary Arndt
    Kelli Hauser
    Student-Assistance Counselor & 6th grade Transition Specialist
    Email:  khauser@dentonisd.org      Webpage: Kelli Hauser

    Here is a brief list of what we, the counselors, do at McMath:

    • we play an active role in students' education

    • we help students plan for the future

    • we help students meet the normal challenges of growing up

    • we help students cope with unforseen crises

    • we help parents to help students

    • we help entire families through times of need

    Click here for an overview of what a school counselor is.

Last Modified on August 22, 2017