• Q: My child's report card does not say that he/she passed. Are they going to the next grade?

    A:  Secondary report cards are not stamped "Promoted" when a student is proceeding on to the next grade level.  If the grades are all above 70 and there is nothing stamped on the report card, the child is going on to the next grade.  If the report card is stamped "Placed", your child is moving on the next grade level with the understanding that they will need to work very hard and participate in all possible remediation in order to be successful in the next grade.

    Q: My child attended mandatory summer school because he/she did not pass TAKS...so why are they also being placed in the accelerated classes for next year and having to give up an elective?
    A:  Summer school provides remediation for the content not mastered in the previous school year.  The accelerated classes provide support for the content in the next school year.  A student who is not yet successful on TAKS must have both.  
    Although electives are very important, our primary goal is to provide an academic education for our students.
    The new rule is in effect this school year regarding 8th grade TAKS testing...if the student does not pass TAKS, they do not go on to 9th grade. 

    Q: Dress code question...all of the pants my son wants me to buy are big and sagging below his beltline OR the only clothes I can find for my daughter are short and tight...what do I do??
    A:  Don't waste money buying out of code clothing....keep shopping!  Clothing that does not fit properly is a safety issue or a distraction. 
    School is the workplace of youth....they need to learn that one must dress appropriately for their job. 

Last Modified on June 19, 2007