• Campus Leadership Team (CLT)

    Campus Leadership Team (CLT) Composition

    Position of CLT Member/Name of CLT Member



    1) Classroom Teacher                                                         Amy Wilhoit-Kinder (year 2)
    2) Classroom Teacher                                                         TO BE ELECTED-1st, TO BE ELECTED-Special Areas
    3) Classroom Teacher                                                         Ingrid Gonzalez-2nd (year 2)
    4) Classroom Teacher                                                         Susan Patrick-3rd (year 2)
    5) Classroom Teacher                                                         Kimberly Lengerich-4th (year 2)
    6) Classroom Teacher                                                         Renae Lemmons-5th (year 2)                                                 
    7) Campus-based Nonteaching Professional                Stacey Pettigrew
    8) Campus-based Para/Operations Staff                       Tandie Spurrier (year 2)
    9) District-level Professional                                           Jonita Widmer (year 3-volunteered for additional year)
    10) Parent                                                                             Jenifer Fuller (year 2-various PTA support)
    11) Parent                                                                             Francie Pavelek (year 2)
    12) Community Member                                                    TO BE ELECTED
    13) Community Member                                                    TO BE ELECTED
    14) Business Representative                                             David Layton (year 2-Presby. Hospital)

    15) Business Representative                                             Jessica Scott (year 2-First State Bank)

Last Modified on July 23, 2013