• 5th Grade Team      

    5th Grade at Hodge Elementary 

       We have extremely high expectations for all of the children in our classes.  Children will be expected to complete all class work on time and neatly.  They should be ready to work from the moment they step into our classrooms. 

    Your child’s behavior will be reflected in his/her weekly folder.  This weekly folder is to inform you, the parent, of your child’s behavior and assignments, including homework.  It would be beneficial to look at this every Friday, if possible.  The students are expected to have you view and sign their folder on Friday and return it to their homeroom teacher the following Monday.  This will allow for any missed assignments or make-up work to be completed over the weekend and returned with the folder.

    All important information and any graded/completed work from the previous week will go out in Friday folders, so the students are expected to have you view the contents of their folder, and return it to their homeroom teacher each Monday morning. 

                Discipline is very important to the flow of our classrooms, as well as our school.  In order to provide our students with the excellent educational climate they deserve, we strive to create an orderly, child-centered classroom, where everyone can achieve his/her highest potential.  No student has the right to keep others from learning.  Your support and encouragement will be very valuable to the success of our classrooms.

                If there are ever any questions related to your child and school matters, please call your child's homeroom teacher before or after school, or send them an email. 
    Ms. Nunez  940-369-2893   snunez@dentonisd.org
    Mrs. Beeler  940-369-2864  hbeeler@dentonisd.org


Last Modified on June 4, 2018