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Bachelor of Science Elementary PK-8 English as a Second Language PK-8

Mrs. Robinson


    Heidi Robinson

     ESL Inclusion Teacher

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    Literature keeps you balanced...

          Because literature has the power...
    • To make us more human, to help us see the world from inside the skin of persons very different from ourselves; to live more lives than the one we have; to try on various roles.
    • To develop compassion and insight into the behavior of ourselves and others (through characters so real that the reader lives and suffers and rejoices with them).
    • To show us the past in a way that helps us understand the present.
    • To move us in ways that facts, statistics, and history texts can rarely do.
    • To develop the imagination; to help us entertain ideas we never could have had; to interpret and translate our experiences, to shape our world, and to enlarge our imaginations.
    • To take us out of ourselves and return us to ourselves as a changed self; to enlarge our thinking while educating our hearts.
    • ~Charlotte S. Huck, The Best of the Bulletin, 1987 (1, CLA/NCTE. 69-71)
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