•                    Welcome to Mr. Sanchez Art Class!



       Since man has existed, he used art to communicate ideas, feeling and thoughts. Art brings beauty and wonder into our lives.  Almost everything we make and use involves art in some way. Art is part of us, it crosses culture and language boundaries. Throughout the year I will work with the children so that they may  discover their own artistic identity  using various art mediums. 
                 Remember.... ART is all around us!
    The Elements and Principles of art will be studied per six week as follows:
    1. Line, movement, rhythm
    2. Shape, balance
    3. Form, emphasis
    4. Color, value, contrast
    5. Texture, variety, unity
    6. Space, proportion
    I may be reached at 940-369-3552
    email: hsanchez@dentonisd.org
    Conference time: 8:35-9:25 
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