• What is GAPP?

    The German-American Partnership Program is a school-to-school exchange sponsored by the Federal Republic of Germany’s Ministry of Culture and the United States Information Agency.  Denton High School has a partnership with the Regiomontanus Gymnasium in Haßfurt, Germany.  Haßfurt is a picturesque community of about 14,000 located near Würzburg, Schweinefurt and Bamberg in the North of the German state of Bavaria.  Every other summer, DHS students, accompanied by the German teacher, Frau Dieckman, will travel to Germany for abaout a two-week visit to this community and a few additional days spent traveling to other parts of the country.


    Who may participate in GAPP?

    The DHS student participant must be:

    ·         a good citizen, absolutely reliable, responsible and honest.

    ·         able to get along and work well with others.

    ·         an open-minded person, who is genuinely interested in other people and their culture.

    ·         willing to speak German to the best of her/his ability.

    ·         concurrently enrolled in a German class (German II, III, or IV)

    ·         agree to continue her/his study of German for at least one year following the exchange.


    Why GAPP?

    The program has many benefits.  GAPP brings together American and German students who are studying each other’s language and culture.  The most important feature of the program is that students live in the home of peers while visiting the partner country.  They get to know their partners in the most meaningful way possible: by sharing their daily lives, getting to know their families, attending their schools and experiencing their culture firsthand.  The basic premise behind the program is not sightseeing and souvenir buying, but rather fostering both dialogue and friendship between young people.  GAPP will result in increased German language skills and a broadened way of viewing the world, as well as lasting friendships.


    How is GAPP organized?

    During the 2012-2013 school, 2 or 3-week stays in the respective countries will be arranged by the DHS German teacher and Herr Reigel in Haßfurt. In March 2013, DHS hosts a group of students from Haßfurt for a period of two weeks.  DHS students visit Germany in June 2013, staying in homes of their partners. Parents help organize social activities for the German students during their stay in Denton.

    The students shadow their host partners for some of their school subjects, but also have a time each day when they meet with their peers and teacher to work on language skill, prepare for field trips, share their experiences and discuss any problems.


    What does it cost?

    This, of course, depends upon the number of students participating, the date of departure for Germany, the number and types of field trips desired.  The price will include flights, room and board (including the portion of the trip when we are not with host families), ground transportation, professional tour guides, entrance into castles, museums and other sites and such.


Last Modified on January 15, 2013